Global Service Jam project


Global Service Design Jam is a 48 hour project where teams work on a selected service issue for a given client. This year Chicago addressed enrollment issues at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) continuing studies department. SAIC has classes starting from preschool through adults and classes ranging from beginning artist level to advanced as well as classes for working professionals looking for new tools to incorporate in their workflow.

With a wide range of student types and expanded class offerings, enrollment has been unsteady and dwindling for certain student populations. From our research we discovered that despite the great reviews heard from students by SAIC staff these testimonials were not captured and relayed to the public. Our team choose to design a self-sustaining video recording system in which students could record testimonials based on first hand experiences and distribute then using social media, email and the web. A select few clips could be used as collateral for advertising SAIC classes.

Here is what we submitted as our final presentation:Project deck